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Over the past decade, singer-songwriter Rhyan Sinclair has synthesized her diverse musical experiences and influences to craft a signature cosmic-folk-rock soundscape. Sinclair pairs her southern-gothic moon mistress musings and galactically-charged epiphanies, with achingly personal, meditative, and lyrically rich storytelling.


Born in Kentucky, Sinclair began performing at the young age of 11, when she formed the adult rock/roots band All the Little Pieces. After writing material for the band’s 3 albums, she ventured into classic country with her first solo album, 2018’s Barnstormer. Sinclair’s latest album, Letters to Aliens, landed in the Top 50 on the Americana Charts, garnering positive reviews and airplay internationally, including BBC Radio and The Current. Lonesome Highways (Ireland) calls the album “…a celebration of recovery, rebirth and regeneration from the possessor of a killer vocal and a skilled songwriter.” 

In live performances, Sinclair brings her unique spin to a wide variety of covers, woven into the set with originals that immediately feel like old favorites.


While working on material for a third album and continuing to tour in support of Aliens, Sinclair now splits time between Savannah, GA and Lexington, KY, considering Savannah home. 

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